Need help setting up interface etc

Hey there guys i’m new to using Neural Dsp i recently purchased Archetype Nolly ,
I am running FL studio 20
with focusrite scarlett 3rd gen solo
Schecter reaper 6 with schecter diamond pickups .
i have an amd ryzen 5 ,8gb ram laptop with SSD ,
mackie CR4 monitors

I am wondering how to get the best sound for my plugin and my guitar .

using the focusrite driver and i don’t know how to set the sample rate ?
The guitar sounds okay … the distortion and everything but it doesn’t sound clear it sounds so muddy , making me feel disappointed in my purchase of neural dsp archetype nolly .

It sounds muddy and horrible . and i know that’s not the case as i can see everybody making amazing music with great tones … so it must be something i am doing wrong …

any tips would help so much . the tone is making me not want to write music , not inspiring at all .

Thanks guys

Hi @TerryC. On the standalone, you can modify the settings by clicking the gear icon at the bottom left. On FL Studio, you have to go to Options > Audio settings.

We recommend these:

Audio device type: ASIO
Audio device: This will vary depending on your audio interface (Ex: Focusrite USB ASIO)
Inputs: Leave just 1 input enabled
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
Buffer size: 128 - 256 samples

If the problem persists, send us some audio/video examples to to identify the problem.


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