Native Apple Silicon updates for Archetype: Plini and Archetype: Gojira


Great! I have been waiting the Plini update for almost one year and half, I can’t wait to test it on my setup! :grin:

What’s next in NDSP’s order of priorities: what will be the next problem that gets tackled, out of interest?

Judging from the March Development Update, I’d guess next in line for plugin development will be;

  • Updating all existing plugins to use our ATI algorithm and implementing new core features such as Transpose, the Doubler, the Metronome, the larger window size, and making other quality-of-life improvements.

Archetype: Gojira has different indexation of automation parameters after the update.

By error or not, if you use automations and you update, your project will have all the wrong parameters automated. Just learned it the hard way.

This is what I automated in the project:
Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 23.34.00

The new version of the plugin reads these as, respectively:
CLN EQ Band 8
OD Tone
RUST EQ Active
REV Time
OCT Direct Level
Input Gain (ffs who would ever even automate this)
DLY Dry/Wet

What if I meddled with it all in hysteria and didn’t have any backups? :sweat_smile:

Also, downgrading back to 1.0.0 wasn’t that straightforward, simply installing from the NDSP release archive doesn’t work as the Installer app doesn’t write older versions over newer ones, had to reboot my cormpugter twice to properly uninstall 1.0.1 and install 1.0.0 from scratch.

In other words, I do not recommend updating if you rely on the plugin for some serious work :confused:

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Answering to myself:

  • CPU consumption is exactly the same on steady use
  • UI is way more smooth on changes like entering/exiting the plugin window, I think it has fixed plugin crash that happened in these situations or when switching preset :+1:

Now I’m waiting for ATI algorithm integration :grin: