Apple Native Silicon Updates for Archetype: Petrucci, Archetype: Tim Henson, Tone King Imperial MKII, and Archetype: Rabea

We are pleased to say that Native Apple Silicon updates are now available for Archetype: Tim Henson and Archetype: Petrucci.

Additionally, the following plugins that were already Apple Native Silicon compatible have been updated to include Apple Native Silicon compatibility for AAX (Pro Tools 2023.3.0):

  • Tone King Imperial MKII
  • Archetype: Rabea

In addition some bugfixes and quality of life improvements have been made. The CPU performance of Archetype: Petrucci has been improved and the Archetype: Rabea update includes 28 new presets made by Rabea.

For the full changelogs and download links, please visit

Further updates to other plugins will be released in the coming months.


Are you a time traveler ? :thinking:

This is fantastic news!! Now all I need is for you guys to update the Dark Glass and Nolly plugins then I can move away from Rosetta completely!!! Do you have an estimated time frame on when these two plugins will be updated?

This is fantastic, we love the Archetype: Plini. If we can get that with native silicon support it would be awesome in the new avid PT. Is there a roadmap for this? If at all?