"Nameless Streets" patch is muddy.... any good tweaks for this?

So I’m assuming it’s for that one U2 song. It’s close, but I find the delays get oddly buried, and the clarity/transparency that I hear in the original just isn’t there in this patch. It’s muddy and cluttered.

It’s one of those patches I don’t understand why it’s so complicated. 4 delays, 2 amps and cabs… I just don’t know why that is. My understanding is that his rig at that time was basically an EHX analog delay into his amp with a tiny bit of drive. Very uncomplicated signal chain. I feel like I can get closer with just the AC30 model and a cab and one delay patch. But I’m looking to understand the complicated routing better as well.

Any thoughts?

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i thought the same so I started form scratch and I’ve made this 2 presets.
One is specifically to play “Where the streets have no name” (the scenes change synth chords)

one is a more generic The Edge presets

I would like to know what you think

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This is funny, I had found your presets already before your reply, but just haven’t yet actually tried them out. They were still sitting waiting for me to download. I’ll check them out today and let you know what I think.

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Definitely like the general color you have going with these. You didn’t overcomplicate the presets so that helps I think. They’ll stick in my preset list.

Glad you like them!