Crunch tones

I was wondering if there’s any video out there with some crunch tones coming from the amp simulator (not captured ones) as that’s what I’m mostly worried about, considering that the demos published so far feature metal/hard-rock guitarists.
It would be nice to hear some crunchy tones to understand how good they are. Cheers!

This guy does some pretty good edge of breakup tones with the Nolly plugin. I think the QC will easily be able to do something similar.

Thanks for pointing out that video. But is it just me or it looks like Neural has not included their own plugins in the QC?

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No worries!
Neural did mention that in a later update if you own their plugins you will be able to load them on the QC (as a single block in the chain if I am not mistaken)

I’m super excited about this as I can’t wait to use Parallax on bass! I’m curious how my Nameless plugin will sound cranked through my church’s PA as well :slight_smile: :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:

I’m really looking forward to the QC!

i think theyd be separate blocks!
this would be quitehuge as it would mean new amps and effects

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haha! he plays great face!

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