My QC unusuable after 1.4..

CorOS Version: 1.4

Describe your issue:
My quad cortex is outputing no sound. From any output.
Iv tried rebooting. Factory reset. Restart for hours and no sound. It is extremly fustrating.

Steps to reproduce your issue:
Using a full line of amp cab and effects with the looper.
I added the mini voicer behind the looper as the looper was still playing my loop. Then tried to move the mini voicer up in the chain
I noticed the mini voicer not working correctly aswell as FPS drops on the quad cortex menu screens.
After a reboot i have 0 sound and hasnt worked since

I expected this to happen:
Did not expect this to happen. Im part of the first pre sale pre-order and have had 0 problems. But now my QC is unusable i am from Australia

I have tried the following things:

  • i have tried rebooting restart. Factory reset.
    Taking power plug out for 30secs

-i have contacted support and sent multiple reports and i am waiting on a reply.

Hope to hear back from neural or from anybody that has had the same issue.
Currently my quad cortex is a aus$3500 ashtray

Hi @Downtg , and welcome to the community! Iā€™m sorry you are experiencing issues with the QC sound output and definitely something that only support can work with you through. You indicated you sent an email for which is the best steps to take in this situation. I will let support know to look out for your email as well.

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