My first Live Gig

Hey guys, this friday i will be using the qc for my first live gig. Do you have any tips? I have heard that the sound is different at high db. Thanks!

Have fun and forget about the sound. And, as we say in Spain: “Mucha mierda”

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My main tip would be to organize your presets/scenes well, make sure you can just stomp and easily switch to what you need on stage. I wouldn’t want to fiddle with the touchscreen during a live gig.

My second tip is that it’s easy to adjust volume when you practice, but live you want to make sure all your presets have the output volume you want, without moving your volume knob. I’ve found that my presets can vary pretty wildly but I don’t mind at home - the soundguy/gal at a gig would definitely mind though!

Most importantly of course: Have fun!


-Run the volume knob at 100% for best signal to noise ratio
-Don’t be surprised if your presets sound different than when at home due to fletcher munson curve and space/pa differences

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don’t plug in or unplug the QC till you’ve checked with FOH- they’ll need to mute your channel to avoid a dangerous POP


I would assign your ‘Settings’ → ‘Device Options’ → ‘Master Volume Knob Assignment’ so that the output (usually ‘Out 1/2’ XLR) going to the FOH is NOT being controlled by the master volume knob. Assign the master volume only to the output that will be going to your monitor/amp. That way you can adjust the volume to your onstage monitor/amp from the QC without impacting the FOH level to the board. Your soundman and audience will appreciate the more consistent level.

Remember you have a Global EQ available if you get to the gig and find that your presets or the room acoustics are not ideal at live performance levels.

As others have said, try to get at least one rehearsal in where you can get the volume up to a semblance of performance levels to get a better idea of how they will sound when cranked up.


Second that. Double check how your presets sound at gig volume. Fletcher-Munson effect and whatnot (as far as I know I’m not related to that Fletcher) lol

Ok, easy thing: ad a looper to one of the most used presets, play a loop at the sound check and listen yoursef.

But tell the Foh-guy in advance.

And begore you change things yourself believe in what he tells you todo.

You as the musician mske music. He is the one to make it sound.

And good luck.

Played my first QC-Gig some weeks ago using 3 presets. So this was the start with this dreammachine.

If you’re in the sun, make some sort of shade over the screen or else you’ll barely be able to see it.

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hi, could explain in simples words what is the fletcher munson curve? I’m French…


The Fletcher Munson curve is just a set of graphs that gives you an indication on how we perceive loudness and frequensies at different volumes. Easily explained, it means that if you make a preset that sounds really good at a low volume, it will not sound the same at loud volumes because our brains will perceive the frequensies different at a higher volume.
So pro tip for presets: Make one preset for home/recording, and one for live playing at loud levels. And you have to do that in a rehearsalspace with the volume set to the same level as you would when playing live. Using a looper and just loop a riff or two at gig level, then adjust EQ or parameters on the amp/cab etc :slight_smile:
Same with mixing/mastering recordings. Make them sound the best at the highest volume that its comfortable lisening to.

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Oupsss “Make one preset for home/recording, and one for live playing at loud levels” that means double my preset?!

Isn’t there any other way to do this?


You could always use a EQ for adjusting on the move, but that way you would have to change the preset back and forth everytime you switch from playing at home and live/rehearsal.
The easiest way, in my opinion, is just to copy the preset, and store it as “name of preset - Live” then find your best EQ for the live preset, and adjust to taste. then save it.

I normally do this for every guitar i use live also, because the output and characteristics are so different for each guitar. My fullbody ESP with mahogny and active pickups sounds like trash on a preset made for a light guitar with swamp ash body and passive pickups like SD nazgul/sentient and vice versa. And sometimes, i just want them to sound different, but still good.

But just to be clear, i am a “one preset to rule them all” guy. I normally dont have more than 2-5 presets i use live, at max! I prefer using scenes in the QC for the different parts of song. i use the bottom row for scenes like Clean, rythm, tight gate and lead.
so my go-to when making a preset is:

  1. Make a preset i like at low volume
  2. copy, save as live preset and then go to rehearsal space. add a looper and record something quick, then add eq and make it sound just as good at high volumes. Then save.
  3. If i have multiple guitars, copy again and change eq. saves as preset name- Live - guitarname or something like that.
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Search for Fletcher Munson and learn about it. It’s extremely interesting and essential in order to understand things.

Why I sounded horrible at the gig if it was pefect at home and that kind of questions will not be a mystery anymore.

It will be a very well used time. Granted. :slight_smile:

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“A reeeeeeeal Munson.”

Yes, if you’re not up on Fletcher Munson, you’ll be totally “Munsoned”.