Lessons learned from first large gig with QC

Had the first gig on a big stage with the following lessons learned:

  • Never move the volume knob. And if you ever think you should turn it to zero for whatever stupid reason, don’t forget to turn it up again. Otherwise, you look very stupid in front of the mixing engineers

  • If you play guitar and sing, be aware that you can press the footswitches with the feet of your mic stand. And end up on an empty patch nr. 139 only 10s before your big guitar solo

  • It’s actually possible to work on the touchscreen in the middle of a gig and find the patch you need for your big guitar solo in less than 10 seconds

To sum up, QC worked great and sounded great, the user (me) needs to improve a bit.
Nevertheless, it was a fantastic gig.



Ha! Sounds like a fun gig! :upside_down_face:

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