My Battery Powered QC Pedalboard

Updated my pedal board with a Redbeard honey badger fuzz/octave pedal ,

Also noticed I was getting a high pitched noise when using the boss wl-50 wireless transmitter so removed this and added a mission engineering 529 usb power converter for 4x 150mA and 1x 500mA 9volt connections.

Anyone else getting any noise from there wireless transmitter when using a battery for power, I think it’s ok when using power from the wall.

Also at the moment I have removed the two braces.

The battery is giving me I estimate 8 hours of use.

Can you please tell me what else I need to set up my board? I have a 50000mAh Krisdonia power bank and it has a cable - one end fits the DC out but not one of the 30 or so tips that were included fits my Neural Quad Core. I am now reading about people who use the USB-out of these types of batteries; and you appear to be using something too. Can you PLEASE tell me what else I need to build my board? Is it a USB device that accepts the power bank’s cable as well as a USB cable with a special tip? I am ignorant regarding tip sizes and positive/negative sleeves, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The QC requires power of 12v at 3000mA with a 2.1mm center-negative barrel

ups need to set the DC out to 12V 3 A. I guess you have to make the cable yourself if none of the supplied fit. You can also use usb out but then you need a mission engeneering 529m as in the images above

I have the Krisdonia. If you’re using DC out, you don’t need any head adapter in the box actually. You just need to use the included DC cable (yellow to black end) and you need a 5.5mmx2.1mm converter to reverse the polarity. This is what I use and some others in this thread mentioned.

You need to cycle through the voltage options via the power button and set it to 12V (defaults to 5V). Unfortunately, it doesn’t remember every time you power it on, so you need to do it every time you boot up.

Due to that, I use this USB-C to DC 12V into the Truetone reverse polarity adapter to power it. So I don’t need to worry about the voltage setting. I’ve only found 2 USB-C to DC cables that worked for me, the one linked above, and this Blindspot one (v2 only, v1 did not work for me).

Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate your detailed and concise reply. I went ahead and ordered a mission engineering 529m unit (but can return to Amazon). So are you telling me that I can return the mission 529m and purchase the following to solve my issues?:


image.pngOR image.png

You do NOT need the Mission Engineering 529m. The main thing the 529m does in this application is tell the Krisdonia’s USB-C chip to send 12V through USB-C, that’s it. The QC needs 12V with at least 3amps.

The 2 USB-C to DC cables I linked you are cheaper and do the same thing, they trigger the chip in the Krisdonia to send a specific voltage through the cable. Most of the cables on Amazon do step up conversion, where they convert 5V to 12V by lowering the amps delivered. That could work as it’s converting the voltage, but what you ideally want is to tell the Krisdonia, just send me what I need which is 12V (and at least 3amps), which those 2 cables do.

I’d just get the reverse polarity adapter and the QIUCABLE cable.

Once again - Thank you. As you know, I’ve invested a lot into this. Are the suggested items made well enough so I won’t feel like I’m compromising too much as compared to the Mission 529m (and whatever cable would be needed with it)? I don’t have money to throw around, but at the same time, once I get to a certain investment level, I want to make sure I’m not cutting corners.

HI, as you can see here, the QC is totaly fine with 2 A :slight_smile:

Both the Blindspot and the QIUCABLE seem like your standard usb cables. They don’t seem low quality, but probably not the best cable you’ve ever seen. The Blindspot seems like it might be higher quality of the 2, but the USB-C plug is angled so it will block a port on the Krisdonia.

So I got the reverse polarity cable and the short USB-C cable. I turned the Krisdonia on at 12V, plugged in the USB-C cable and connected the reverse polarity cable to the other end of the USB-C cable. When I plug the red end of the reverse-polarity cable into the QC, all I get are flashing lights on the QC, and pressing the power button does nothing. Am I missing something here?

I ordered the Blindspot cable in case the other brand is just bad quality. I am following the advice from @kamui but it’s just not working. I came across an old video of a Harley Benton Powerbank that had a single cable to go straight from it into the QC, but Thomann discontinued it! It met a lot of needs and I just don’t understand why they scrapped it.

Hm, i’m sorry if it didn’t work for you. I can only say what worked for me and assumed it would work for others. I had the Blind spot v2 or the other cable I linked to you plugged into the USB-C out of the Krisdonia. Then the Truetone polarity switch adapter plugged into the QC. You don’t need to set the voltage on the Krisdonia, because you’re now not using the DC out voltage but instead the USB-C out which is not controlled by the voltage selector. I will say I have the blindspot v1 and another usb cable not work and what the QC does when it detects the wrong voltage is generally blink the lights and eventually turn off. Maybe it’s the QUICABLE cable that varies in voltage or quality? See if the Blindspot fixes the issue, v2 worked for me. Best of luck!

I ordered the Blindspot (v2) which is due today. I always get stuff from Amazon because of their return policy on most items. I’ll let you know if it fixes the issue.
Thanks for getting back to me.

Does anyone know if you can power the Cioks 7 off a powerbank?

I liaised with a company Jad Freer on whether you can run their Domino power supply off a powerbank, and its not a viable option as it takes at least a 30VDC input to run their power supply itself.

Hey kamui:

Amazon made an exception and let me return the Krisdonia - the USB-C port quit working altogether (I tried charging an iPad Pro and got nothing).
I noticed that other Krisdonia batteries feature “USB-C PD” (PD stands for power delivery).
If you read the specs for the Blindspot Cable it reads “This USBC 12v trigger pulls 12V DC power from any PD-compatible USBC”…this sounds like the “auto power configuration” type thing you described that the cable did
I don’t think it worked for me because the Krisdonia battery I had did not say it was USB-C PD…just USB-C. BUT - it said it was a 12V USB-C port which is the required voltage! So the problem could have been the fact that the battery wasn’t USB-C PD or it could have just had a bad USB-C port.
Here is the Krisdonia battery that I was using (

The big question is are/were you using the same Krisdonia battery? If you were, the reason for mine not working leans towards a bad port. Can you confirm that you were using the same Krisdonia?
If you were using the same battery I have pictured here, you already were getting the 12V from the port because that is what the specs say you get from that port. But you needed a cable anyway to convert to a barrel connection.
I am going to try to get a different high capacity battery with USB-C PD port and I assume that the Blindspot cable will regulate the voltage to 12V.
This is the one I am thinking about ( I just need to make sure that the Blindspot cable can regulate like it is supposed to):

I have the top Krisdonia, not the bottom one. The description of the product does say it supports 12V and 3A which is what the QC needs to run. It might be that the unit was defective? Did the Blind Spot v2 cable work?

I thought both of the cables that you recommended - lights on the QC lit up but the unit never booted. Eventually, the USB–C port quit working altogether (no lights on the QC and no ability to charge my iPad Pro). Amazon made an exception and let me return it (with a small return fee because lithium is considered a hazardous material) because the manufacturer would not honor the warranty (they told me to just power it using the DC connection, but I don’t want to have to set the unit to 12v every time I turn it on). By the way, if you ever have a problem with a product with a warranty purchased from Amazon that has passed the return period, they give you a link to message with the seller on the Amazon site. This allowed them to see their refusal to replace the unit based on the bad USB-C port. I’m going to order another one, but I just might get the 130 W unit with the AC connection and purchase the Mission 529m…needed because it does not have voltage settings. (If you know of another high capacity battery that might work with the USB-C to barrel cable, please let me know). It’s a lot of money to spend on the 130w Krisdonia, but I’ve already bought the pedal board and a Mission Neural-specific expression pedal. The funny thing is I mainly use a Helix – I bought it when it first hit the market! like a lot of people on here I have GAS :crazy_face:

Yeah, if you get the bottom Krisdonia, you only need the Truetone reverse polarity adapter since it’ll come with the DC cable anyway and like you said it has the 12V DC out too so you don’t have to switch. I didn’t want that one as it’s bigger and heavier. The top one fits under my Temple pedalboard with some clearance, this one would probably poke out under it.

This ( might also be an option. It looks like a Krisdonia, like it might even be the same part, but I asked a FAQ question and they said this one does remember the last voltage setting. I didn’t try it though.

Yeah, the 12v DC out feature will work for me on that unit; and I returned all cables except the reverse polarity one. As soon as I get the refund for the returned battery, I’ll pull the trigger and get the new battery, and I think I’ll be set. They had to email me haz mat labels along with a shipping label since it has lithium in it; so it’ll take a few days ]m. It is thicker, but I think my board will conceal it if I keep it up top.