Going wireless

Since Saturday I am now finally also a proud owner of a QC. Hooray :-). I have once made the fun to build the system completely wireless. Works amazingly well.

The whole thing runs with a Mission Engineering 529M, a Baseus PD 100 W 20000 mAh powerbank, Nux B-5RC guitar transmitter and an Xvive U4 Inear Monitoring System. Amazing what you can all do these days.

I have been playing with one charge now for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours and am now at 42%. I think that I will then be able to play for 3 to 4 hours. Should be perfectly sufficient for my purposes.


I think I might try this out when I get mine, I already have a line 6 wireless unit. Is the wireless IE decent quality? Does it have replaceable batteries or internal?

Looks totally amazing.

Oh man. I really want to set mine up like this. Can you provide the power supply details for what you are using?

It is this hiere: Baseus Blade USB C 100W 20000mAh Power Bank | Baseus Official
But every other powerbank that is cappable of power delivery (PD 3.0) and hat an usb-c out should work together with the Mission Engineering 529M. If also switched the 529M internally to 3A because otherwise the QC may not start properly. To do that you just have to open the 529M with the 4 screws an the there is a tiny little switch for that.
In the meantime if’ve changed the usb-c cable to a shorter one. You should best buy one, that is cappalble for fast charging either.

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Hi, the xvives are build like a little tank :-). But they don’t have raplaceable batteries. With the U3-system there is also are pur xlr to xlr-version, but I don’t now what subversion here would do it the best (because the u3 is mainly for making microphones wireless).

This looks like a cheaper alternative to the Mission. You would need to swap the size/polarity of the connector.