Changing Presets via MIDI Input

I’m trying to wrap my brain around why my CC and PC commands are not taking me to the correct Preset. HELP!!!
So, I have a Preset in Setlist #3, on 3G (Preset #23 on Setlist 3).
My MIDI commands are as follows:
CC#0 - Value 1
CC#32 - Value 3
It’s not working!!! It’s taking me to Preset 19H on Setlist 3…What am I doing wrong here?
HELP!!! #iwastoldtherewouldbenomath

I think the MIDI numbers start at 0 (not 1) so for set list 3 (which is <128) try
CC#0 value 0
CC#32 value 2

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Got it! I’m trackin’ now! Thanks! I’m a newbie to MIDI, so I’m learning as I go. I appreciate the help!

Great! Glad I could help