Mono input .vs stereo input - Plugin .vs Standalone

Greetings! First post. Longtime plugin user. Can somebody lend me their expertise? Using the standalone Gojira X sounds amazing. The plugin via Logic? Not so much.

I’d like to address what is probably the culprit; on the stand-alone, my signal has two input indicators, as if it’s stereo. (it’s not, it’s just a guitar plugged into my Scarlett). On the plugin, it is only one input indicator (and the “doubler” effect) is grayed out.

Standalone sounds heads and shoulders better and has probably 5-7 more db of volume, even while inputs and outputs on both are exactly the same.

Any suggestions? Thank you. I’d like to be the first to welcome me. You’re welcome, me.


have you tried the plug-in on a stereo channel in Logic?
You’re welcome, from me too

Hahah!! Thank you!

I have not, as my input is not stereo, it’s coming in just one channel from my 2i2, if i put it on a stereo channel, I’d only get one side, yeah?

I think I have it sorted now by putting the plug in on a send… but now I can’t seem to get rid of my direct signal… if it’s not one thing…

First off, you should probably be using a mono input channel in Logic. (The output can still be stereo.)

Let’s look at the difference between “Mono” and “Mono → Stereo” in the plug-in:

If you go with the mono version of the plug-in, the doubler effect will be grayed out, I’m assuming because at that point it’s just acting like a short delay.

You probably want “Mono → Stereo” which will allow you to use a mono input in Logic, and [duuuuuh] output to stereo, which lets you use the doubler.

I don’t know what your skill/experience level is, but have you tried double tracking? Set up two mono input channels with a mono version of the plug-in in each. Separately record the same parts in both channels (try to play as consistently as possible). Pan one channel all the way left and the other all the way right, and send both channels to a stereo bus. A lot of people love the doubler in the NDSP plug-ins, but I think the result of actually double tracking is waaaaay more interesting and satisfying.

As for the volume difference between the Gojira X standalone versus the plug-in, that’s gotta be because of Logic. There are so many different places where volume can be adjusted. Check the gain of your recorded signal, the gain of the channel strip, the gain of whatever bus(ses) you’re sending it to, and yes, the gain of the plug-in. All of that stuff stacks up.

There’s a lot more that can be said on mixing topics like gain staging, EQ, compression and limiting, etc., but I’ll leave it right there for now.

I hope this helps…

Wow! Thank you for the prompt and thorough reply!

Yes, Mono->Stereo cured my ills. ! Agreed that the doubling effect is pretty useless, but it is fun for messing around. I realized the real reason wasn’t for doubling effect, it was for the ping-pong delays, which are now available with the stereo->mono

Not that I need it anymore, but why, if I was to send the plugin to a bus, would the direct signal follow it? There doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of that signal. Again, I’m past that now thanks to you, but just curious.


Al McManus