Delay between left and right channel (Gojira)

Hi there!

I’m currently checking out the Gojira plugin. I’m really into it, and I’m about to purchase, but there’s one thing I just have to know. Is there or maybe will be there a possibility to add some delay knob on the cab page? I mean the delay between two channels of course, not FX. Why? Because if it’s meant to be in Stereo, this is the first thing I want to do with the signal to spread it - add some small delay.
For recordings this doesn’t matter to me, I’ll just double or quad record my guitar and it’ll be fine, but live this is a huge pain in the ass - something I’ve got from Helix or Bias from day zero is just not available in the Archetype :frowning_face:

Please, let me know if there is any option to do that delay thing.

With regards,