Monitoring system managed directly by Quad Cortex

It often happens to play in small concerts where the mixer and PA system do not offer many options for the monitoring system, this is a big limitation if you connect the Quad Cortex Stereo and use In Ear monitors. In most cases a mono AUX output from the mixer is provided from which the mix of the whole band is listened to, including the sound of our guitar with unsatisfactory or even frustrating results. The ideal would be to connect our headphones to a small personal mixer in which to connect the signal coming from the AUX send of the mixer with the mix of the band (without guitar) in one channel , in another channel one of the stereo outputs of the QC ( 3/4, Send 1/2 or headphone out with a Y cable), in this way it would be possible to find an excellent volume balance and an optimal listening of our sound in stereo. In the last concerts I tried to manage everything directly from the QC, I created some presets leaving one of the raws free and assigning it the Return 1 input and the 3/4 output, the guitar sound was instead assigned the 1/2 output. At return 1 I connected the AUX send of the mixer, connected the stereo headphone output to my wireless transmitter and managed the volume balance of the guitar and the band mix from the headphone control panel of the QC. It would really be a wonderful upgrade if the Return 1/2 inputs could be managed directly from the control panel of the headphones, so as to be able to connect, for example, an Mp3 player to be able to study, or for professional use as described above without having to give up a raw in the presets.