In-ear bandrehearsel with quad cortex - extra signal chain?


i’m the proud owner of a quad cortex for a few weeks now and i’m absolutely loving it.
i just used it at rehearsal for the first time straight into the PA monitors and it sounded great!

My band wants to rehearse with in-ears in the near future. the QC should be perfectly usable for that by sending a stereo input to the mixer and also receiving one back, ending the chain by going directly from the headphone out to the in-ears.

The simplest way to get a stereo sound with only jack cables seems to be to use ‘send 1’ and ‘return 1’. however, if i want to use my headphone output for my in-ears, i have to add a signal chain for every preset. the guitar signal would go through all the effects to ‘send 1’ and a different chain should receive the total mix from the mixer from ‘return 1’ which leads to the headphone out. this return signal chain is just a straight line in every patch.

i’ve tried this route but the thing is that there is quite some work with changing input and output levels and the extra chain limits the preset flexibility.

am i overlooking a simpler option to use the QC with in-ears?

i’d love to hear tips from you all.
Thanks in advance!

Well, the common way is to have a separate headphone amplifier. Our band has a 6-channel headphone amp. We mostly use the same headphone mix for everyone, but depending on your mixer you could create different cue mixes for each player.
How is the rest of your band getting the signal to their in-ears?

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I use a vocal chain on the presets I want in addition to my bass signal chains. Output 3 to bass amp for stage volume, Output 4 to the board, Output 2 (vocal) to the board. I get an xlr back from the board with the mix I want and run it into my in ear monitor system.

If you are only doing guitar/bass and no vocal you could run output 3 directly to your in ears system and 4 to the board for the PA and your bandmates.

We use the mixer to send a signal back to in-ears. Your mixer should have some Aux sends that you can use. Barring that, why not use the Multi-Out for all Output Blocks and plug your in-ears or headphones into the Output 3? You can adjust the volume of Output 3 through the I/O screen.