Modes configuration per preset

Not sure if anyone has asked this since 2.0 but is it possible to save Modes configuration per preset? I’m not seeing it but I can see that being super useful. Thanks!

only globally, presently. Would make a good feature request


Agree, super useful.
Voted :ok_hand:

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This obviously needs to be per preset and I would love the option to chose number of scenes vs stomps as well while we are at it

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Yes!!! Did not know it was only global, a little disappointing.

Yes!! It would also be super useful if you could set hybrid + each of those modes individually. Currently if you have a Stomp + Scenes hydrid, you can only cycle through that and preset mode. I think it would be very useful to be able to cycle though each of thos individual modes in addition to the hybrid.

Pair that to modes configuration per preset would be perfect

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This is SO necessary, it’s not even funny. I’ve only just started building some presets using hybrid mode (useful!). But discovered that when I want to go back to other presets that I just use in stomp mode, I have to go find the Modes Configuration screen, break apart the hybrid mode into separate stomp and scene modes before I can use all 8 buttons for stomp again. It seems way more useful to save the mode configuration per preset - I may have different config needs even on adjacent presets, and it’s a PITA to go menu diving to switch this, and very limiting to have to set it globally.

The way they introduced hybrid mode is just problematic. You lose the option to have full scene mode and full stomp mode if you want hybrid. There’s no reason for this, as some presets would make much more sense in hybrid mode, or stomp, or scene. I guess for a few users that use preset mode keep it along as a typical feature in devices like this.

But yeah, it’s not a great system yet. Really they just need to copy the command center nature of switches controlling everything possible in stomp mode like the Helix family does it.


Could not agree more. That has been one of the major issues for me with using the QC for live performance.

Voted! This would be win city.

Came here to post for exactly this!

Would be amazing to get this feature.