Can I have Hybrid Mode and all other Modes available

Hi I have tried this morning but I can’t find a way.
Can I make and Hybrid Mode with Scenes and Stomp and at the same time having full scene mode accessible.
I can use hybrid modo for most of my presets, but I have one where I change synth chords for a song and the chords are 5 so I need 5 scenes.
Is there a way?

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I wanted to do the same thing but reversed - have a hybrid mode with scenes and stomp but then have my 2nd mode be stomp mode. For now, it looks like you can only have each mode occur once, whether its hybrid or not.

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Same here - Hybrid Mode (Scenes, Stomp) AND Scenes Mode required.

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So what nobody has actually said is that no, you cannot do what you want.
It’s been requested a bajillion times.
As it stands now, Scenes and Stomp as options is still better for most people than Hybrid, especially since it’s a global setting.

Agreed. I’m getting tired of pointing people back to the same couple of requests for footswitch and “secondary scenes” requests.


Your work on this forum to redirect users back to preexisting requests has been instrumental in preventing duplicates from getting out of hand. Much appreciated and thank you! Maybe Neural can write an AI to take care of this in the future. :upside_down_face:

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Hi there I agree, although this post is from the 25th of January when CorOs 2.0 was released and I was trying to understand if I had missed a step. Also there were no other topic of the same nature so when I searched nothing came out, it’s not even a feature request but just a genuine question.
So maybe don’t be rude, the fact that this is not a popular topic doesn’t mean it did not came first.
@DiffractionCircuit feel free to merge this with more voted topic or close it.

Hi @PaoloM, I’m actually just a regular joe forum participant, not a mod or admin. I don’t have the ability to merge requests or anything like that.

Hey diffractioncircut, your participation in this forum has been great. I would encourage other forum members to pressure ndsp to make you a mod or grant you some admin privileges. I always look forward to your postings.

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Sorry about that, I thought I read in a recent post that they made you a moderator. They should