Mission Engineering sp1 vs sp1 ND

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I really want an expression pedal and I’m looking at the mission engineering offerings. My question is: Is the ND version of the Sp-1 really worth the extra investment? I know they say that the “linear pot” is calibrated to the QC, but what does that mean? And does the calibration function on the QC negate this, meaning all expression pedals are usable?

I’m thinking that actually the criteria to hit is obviously materials and build quality and crucially toe button and two outputs. Aside from that, is the SP1- ND just a bit of a marketing ploy?



not all expression pedals are going to function the same on the QC despite having a calibration function. I have 4 different pedals and they all respond diferently after calibration. So if it were me, i would go with the ND version of the pedal for a nice even linear response across the feel of the pedal. There is a big thread discussing pedals on here somewhere, so if you want alternatives i would have a good read of that first.

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Thanks so much for the response, that’s good information. The price isn’t too different really, £20, so if it’s worth it it’s worth it!

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I literally asked Mission the same question this very morning.

They replied:

So it is literally just aesthetics.