Missing captures

Hi guys. I’m having trouble with downloading captures that I’ve bought onto my QC. I have green ticked them on the desktop page but they aren’t all appearing on the QC itself. It’s very frustrating as a some of them are appearing.
Would anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

Have you saved and imported into the cloud? Are you looking under the download folder? Have you ensure whoever sold them to you that they were sent?

Yea I’ve done all that. It appears that some of the captures have not transferred to my QC.

Have you rebooted your Quad?

Yea I’ve done that.

I’m having the same issue and I’m getting pretty frustrated with this already. This isn’t intuitive.

Please open a ticket with support@neuraldsp.com so they can follow up. There is nothing preventing captures from downloading if they were actually sent to your account. Look in your downloads folder and ensure you aren’t filtering anything from the folder display.

All has been sorted in regarding the captures.

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Thanks for the update and glad you resolved your issues. I will now close this thread, if anyone has any similar issues, please contact support@neuraldsp.com to log the issue and help resolve etc.