Missing cabs on the "Metallica Complete Tones" preset

This presets https://neuraldsp.com/cloud/p/c0422ab9-c375-49c9-84e2-d23ec1e17754 is not complet.
I get 2 yellow warning on the cabs.
What can I do? It’s not possible to contact the author…

Yep, the author of this preset used custom IR on the Cab Block…

Impulse Response files are never embedded into a QC Preset (for copyright reasons) , the author of this preset should have known that this preset is not usable as is if published publicly (at least, without indicating which IR File he used in the Preset comment).

The ‘contact’ user feature would be a can of worm to add to the Cortex Cloud platform (moderation is diffcult and time-consuming), but if a user wants to be contacted, he/she/they could add something in their ‘comment’ profile section …