MIDI-Switching the tuner without constant toggle mode?

I’m using the QC for live but put it in a drawer in the rig to keep it safe.
I have the pretty versatile Behringer FCB-1010 for MIDI-switching instead.

For using the tuner, I have one footswitch assigned to the tuner which toggles the tuner on/off.
The problem is that everytime I use it this way the QC returns to the scene used before (which is fine) but it doesn’t sync with the FCB-1010 visually - the footswitch LED assigned to the tuner keeps glowing and I don’t know which sound/scene is actually activated anymore.

Is there a way to only activate the tuner with a footswitch and then switch the tuner off and return to any scene using the scene-assigned footwitch (by adding a certain controller change to all scene switches)?

The FCB-1010 is capable of sending several Program Changes and Controller Changes at a single switch, so it is not the limiting factor here.

Hi @RomeoKnight and welcome to the community! I know others are using the Morningstar MC8 without issue so maybe they can add input if available otherwise, it might be beneficial to email support@neuraldsp.com and see if they can get you sorted with your specific setup.

Well, it works the way it is considered, it toggles fine so it’s not a bug or similar.
I’d just prefer a distinct Tuner On and Tuner Off command instead of the toggle mode, and it seems like the QC"s MIDI implementation doesn’t support that (yet).

Support would be able to validate then you could add a feature request (if not already added) if it’s not currently supported.

I have always found the lack of true two-way communication to be the limiting factor when using the FCB-1010, or for that matter, most MIDI controllers. Depending on what changes you make, your controller’s indicators can quickly get out of synch with the device they are controlling and not properly indicate what is on/off or selected.

It is high time to update the MIDI protocol on all new controllers and devices, such that it properly reflects state on whatever MIDI controller is in use. This notable and substantial lack in the MIDI protocol is what forces users into buying proprietary controllers for each device they own. Raise your hand if you also have ten old device/manufacturer specific foot switchers/controllers laying around for various amps and devices. You could just have one to rule them all if the MIDI protocol was smarter with your preferred physical switch and display layout. Smart scribble strips anyone?

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