MIDI Stuff

Pardon me but I am a full fledged card carrying MIDIOT. I am trying to get the QC to change a program on my L6 powercab. I can get it to change via using one of the footswitches but I would like it to change when I change the patche. Now it is set in such a way that on patch 3A, say, FS6 will trigger the midi to go to “natural speaker” (which is #0 on the PWRCAB.) If I change patches and want to use, say, FRFR mode (which is #4) I can have the new patch use FS6 to go to #4 on the PWRCAB, which is two creambacks. It would be nice to be able to just go to the next patch and have it automatically go to that speaker combo instead of having to go to the patch and then hit another button. I hope this makes some kind of sense. Thanks in advance…

If I understand your question correctly, you can just go to ‘Preset MIDI Out’ settings under the menu, press the ‘ON PRESET LOAD MESSAGE’ text area of the screen, and input your MIDI command. Save the preset! The MIDI should be sent any time you load that preset. Akin to the “instant command” (lightning bolt) part of the MIDI options on the Line 6 HX stuff.

Thanks! I think you got the jist of my question. I can’t wait to try it later today…

Thanks you so much, Honest Opinion. I just tried it and it worked like a charm. I can’t imagine anything being simpler!