MIDI enabled preset change as with the Up/Down switch on the physical unit


On the physical unit you simply stomp the Up/Down button and QC will go to the next preset (when in preset mode…), if there are none left in the setlist it will go to the next setlist or circle back to the first one and load the first preset there.

There’s already a pretty complex MIDI logic for changing a preset inside a setlist where you can go to a specific preset in a specific setlist (sample: CC#0 value 1, CC#32 value 5, Program #1). But there are no MIDI options to simply go to next preset.


We could have a MIDI command that would simply step to the next/previous preset in a setlist.
There is probably some logic in the QC when you stomp the UP/DOWN switch which calculates where to go, this same logic could be used when a MIDI command would be sent.

I use a Hotone Ampero Control preprogrammed by myself and in one bank I can change between 4 different presets. If I had more presets (eg. for each song we play) I’m soon out of options.
If I change the setlist or reorder presets I need to reprogram my controller.