MIDI controlled up and down switches

Hello, I am a new Quad Cortex user and new in this forum.

Why are the up/down footcontrollers not bound to a MIDI CC# message? I am using the QC in a rack, controlling it with a MIDI footcontroller (Behringer FCB1010).
The up and down switches seem to be the only two switches that cannot be controlled by MIDI messages. Why?
I would very much like to go through banks and presets using MIDI.


You mean the preset/bank up and down switches? You can control those, at least somewhat, you just need to send 2 messages. Look at the bank MSB/LSB messages on page 86 of the 1.2 user manual

Did you mean setting a preset directly by using CC#0, CC#32 and an PC?
That is not the same thing. I want to go up one preset/bank, and go down one. Just like the up/down switches do.
Of the eleven switches, the functionality of those two seem to be the only ones that can not be controlled by midi.


Same here, I use midi controller as well, but there is no CC # to mirror Up and Down.

I need this too!