MIDI connectivity Quad Cortex with Tonex Pedal

OTR Trucker here,

I’m try to make a compact pedal board rig for on the road, and create presets on my QC that can have the sounds and/or effects from my QC, Tonex Pedal, Focus Fuzz, and Duelist pedal… and/or Eventide H9. Not sure I can do all that without a midi loop switcher.

Am I going to be able to change the patches on these external midi devices from the QC and create patches that can have any combo of these devices.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how to do the hook ups. Would I hook the Midi Out of the QC to the MIDI in of the Tonex since the QC will be changing the patches on the Tonex? Or is it the other way around.

Also the Tonex has one 1/4” input and 2 - 1/4” outputs… They aren’t TRS, but I could get a dual female to TRS Male if that would be the smart thing.

I’m thinking guitar into QC then out send 1 to the Tonex 1/4 input, then out Tonex mono output (or dual with that female y to TRS male) into return 1… Then I could have send 2 and return 2 go to the fuzz and dualist.

That looks like the only loops I have … So no H9, unless I put the fuzz and dualist on the Tonex loop and just hit them manually with my foot. Otherwise I will have to use a midi loop switcher, but I’m trying to keep a small foot print.

Then there’s the whole H9. Can I even control multiple midi devices?

Would that hookup be QC midi out to Tonex MIDI in, then TONEZ MIDI out to H9 midi in?

Going over the manual now…

What did I get myself into?

Have you tried the Focus fuzz and Duelist pedal in front of the QC? That’s where I would place them with a traditional amp.

I could do that too.

I keep hearing that order doesn’t matter with these. Maybe I can put the Tonex in front of the QC, then the Fuzz and the Dualist in the 2 different loops.

(Which sounds out of order I know)

But then the midi could select the patch if any for the Tonex. Hopefully I can set the Tonex as a DI for presets that don’t use it…

For QC presets where I’m just passing through the Tonex, the first line of the QC preset can have the pedals going into what Ever I want.