Pedals in Effects Loop with QC

I have been quite enjoying the effects on the QC but I am curious what external effects you guys are currently using with the effects loops on the QC. I have a small amount of real estate left on my Duo 17 templeboard and was looking to maybe fill it with a synth pedal or something oddball that the QC doesn’t currently offer…I’m basically looking for ideas as to what you all use for external effects.


I found the Eventide H9 to be quite a versatile addition. For post amp FX you can run it in killdry mode and use the mix of the S/R block in QC. This way, your direct signal stays on QC without added latency.

Lots of folks are using the Hologram Effects Microcosm, it does granular looping and covers a lot of ground the QC doesn’t yet.

I just put the Meris LVX in my fx loop, it also has many functions the QC doesn’t presently.

Nothing special here, but I have my Strymon Time Machine and BOSS DD500 in an effects loop on the QC. I was able to get to the Quad in a live gig setting more quickly, vs. trying to dial in prior years of delay tweaking and other settings into QC delay blocks…was easy to just insert the effects loop into presets and use my old pedals along with…this also helped me with the learning curve of the splitter, mixer, etc., based on how I was implementing a particular preset.

I’ve been able to dial in a vast array without external effects. I do have a boss sy200 on the board

I have a H9 and a future impact 2 synth pedal on 1 loop and a chase bliss habit on the other. I sold off all my others but I kept these 3 as the qc doesn’t do what they do. I also have a cali 76 compressor before the input, it’s a damn good compressor so I’m keeping it.