Eventide H9 MAX with QC

Hello everyone.

Today I have arranged to buy an H9 MAX used for 450€.
I don’t know why. I haven’t heard it with my ears. I guess it’s just another impulse buy.
Also I haven’t heard in the studio any Strymon/Eventide pedal except Blue Sky.

  1. Is this worth it? Or the QC effects are just ok?
  2. How can I control the H9 with qc knobs. I haven’t had any experience with MIDI and google didn’t help that much.

Please help me :smiley:

The H9 Max is pretty amazing, and it’s been on every single one of my board apart from when I had the Helix (pedalboard couldn’t accomodate this). The effects sound amazing in the stereo loop of the QC, and does ducking delay - which the QC doesn’t do. In particular, I’ve always had an affinity for the blackhole reverb on the H9. Nothing quite like it, although I do suspect that if you play around enough with the QC’s effects, you might be able to imitate it.

I’ve wired my board to accomodate this and the GFI Skylar reverb (I love the spatium reverb and their shimmer) in the stereo loop. Still hunting down my midi cable, and once I find it, it’ll be a breeze to change presets on the H9 with the QC. I’ve also just bought a couple more TRS patch cables to have the Skylar and H9 on separate loops in the near future. This will allow me the flexibility of swapping the order in which they’re used.


I’ve also not done the midi mapping on the H9 for a while, but from memory, if you click on the pedal settings button in the bottom menubar - it’ll show you the current mappings from MIDI CC to pedal functions, and you can adjust them that way.

Then you’d go into the midi setting on the QC and assign one/more of the foot switches to output that CC number. I’ve been playing around (despite the lack of MIDI cable) over the past couple of days, and this video was pretty useful

MIDI Video Manual

I was using a 2 button TRS foot switch on my previous board, but I remember the mapping was pretty simple and seamless when I had the KPA.

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Hey man.

I’ve seen your board on another post and its awesome.
In order to connect it to QC stereo, do I have to do the following?

  1. 2 cables from QC send to input of H9
  2. 2 cables from H9 output to QC return

Sorry for asking, it’s the first time I’m dealing with stereo effects.
If I have a hard time configuring it, can we communicate via a social media? (e.g. Instagram, Facebook etc.)

Thank you!

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This is correct, for connecting any stereo pedal to the fx loop of the QC

Totally - happy to help.

I used 2 x TRS Y split cable (to two TS), and what you’ve described is what I did

don’t know why it is the case , but the shimmer effect on some of Neural plugins is different from Hardware unit . It’s shame though ,…
Those come close to imitating the H9 BH
Cant wait for those plugins to be available on QC