Mic for Captures and Vocal Processing

The user manual states that you can use any microphone for IR captures. Does the choice of microphone matter, or does the machine learning technology accommodate for differences in frequency response from one mic to another? How important is mic placement when making IR captures? If mic model does matter, should I get an SM57 for basic captures, or is there another recommended model?

Are there any resources regarding how to use QC to record vocals? The FAQ states that, “Quad Cortex combo Inputs 1 and 2 come with high-grade microphone preamps, phantom power supply, and variable impedance controls”; however, I haven’t seen any examples anywhere regarding how to build an effects chain suitable for vocals.

Thanks for any help/advice!

The capture feature captures the whole signal path between your capture out and the input back to the qc.
So mic choice and placement are important. For Amp/cab captures an SM57 would be good I think. Not sure how good that mic is for vocals, maybe some singers here can give you more input on that.

If not done already, take a look to the manual. There you can find instructions and some examples on how to CC create effects chains, set up microphones etc.