HOLY S#@T! I plugged into a guitar cab

So i have been using and loving my QC thru my Rokit 8 monitors that i use with my Mac.

Today i was bored and just out of curiosity ( i knew i was gonna hate it ) i plugged the QC into the line-in on my Fryette power station which has a Marshall 4x12 attached.

Spending not even 1 minute on a preset, I just disabled the cab sim and WOW!! The QC sounds so awesome going into a poweramp/guitar cabinet.

I have tried other units before and even though they sound good direct, Going into a guitar cabinet never sounded or felt right.

So if you are like me and always used your QC direct at-home or on-stage, Just for kicks, plug it into a poweramp and speaker cab and you might be shocked at how good this thing sounds.

I cant wait to run one output direct and one to a poweramp/cab. That is going to be pure tone heaven! I only play at home, So it may be overkill doing all of this but its pure candy for the ears.


Hi @VapnFagan and glad you like the Fryette for your power amp needs! I also like the Matrix for its stereo capabilities! The Fryette is a wonderful choice and we have heard wonderful things regarding that specific power amp etc. Thanks for the feedback!


Me too
I use a real guitar cabinet.

I have also been down this path. I tried using most brands of powered speaker/monitor, I even built my own FRFR that looks like an amp combo. I really liked those options, but finally settled (when not using in-ears) with a Katana head into a Jim Bergantino AD212 2x12 speaker cabinet. I plug the QC into the power amp in of the Katana so I bypass the preamp.

Maybe a bit differently, with the Berg cab, I do not bypass the cab block, so I do not have to have separate presets or make any adjustments to QC when I go between amp on stage and no amp.

The Bergantino cab is my “missing link”. This cab was designed by a company coming from the bass world. The cab is neutral and extended (70-5.5kHz) so not FRFR but surprisingly good enough for stage monitoring purposes allowing me to hear the effect of the cab block to my tone.

Now, I am a country picker that migrates towards alnico speakers, mostly Celestion Gold and Emi Red Fangs. These traditional speakers/cabs though, add that alnico personality, so I would bypass the cab block to use my own physical speaker cabinets like most do.

While the approach of turning off the cab block works, it created a disconnect between what I was hearing and what FOH received.

The Berg cab gives me pant-leg thwapping amp in room tone that is largely representative of what FOH is receiving direct with very little interaction between my cab block and the real Berg cab. I have just started gigging this setup, but it is working out great so far.


Thank you. This is what I’ve been saying. Use a real guitar cabinet if possible. I think I may have replied to you before if so I’m am sorry. But it’s true.

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Unless I’m recording or need to be quiet for whatever reason, I almost exclusively use my Quad Cortex through my WAZA Tube Amp Expander (as a power amp through the FX Return). I did the same with my Kemper for a long time.

It comes really close to the real deal, especially since I’m already used to the sound and feel of the WAZA, since I pretty much always run my real amps through the WAZA.

Now the downside about this, is I need to keep two cab at all time to get the variety of sound that I love! :sweat_smile:

Quad yes. Kemper I have had it’s own power. Meh. Selling it. Pros use it and love it. It’s just not for me. I also prefer the quad’s UI.

Yup agree with this. Use my QC all the time with a powerstage 170 into a 1x12 or 2x12 and it’s fantastic.

Only go through monitors if recording direct or sometimes when using jam tracks.

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i wish i can use a real cab but cant do it home