Marshall JMP1 Captures

If anyone’s interested, I just captured and uploaded all of the stock presets (00 to 25) from my Marshall JMP1. All 26 are available for download in the cloud. Cheers!


Thanks… Check them out tonight! :+1:

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Thanks! Love All Marshalls

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Again can’t. I use guitar cab but thank you for your effort

So no cab or IR’s here either, this was JMP1 regular output (not the speaker emulated outs) straight into the QC. I’ve been running this with the 50/50 power amp captures into my Seymour 700 and out to 2x12’s, and it’s sounding pretty close to the original rig? So if it’s not working for you something getting lost in the translation I guess.
Some of the JMP1 captures are pretty tubby, I think because the stock presets had the bass shift engaged, maybe that’s it? Also thinking I could’ve run the JMP captures a little hotter, been adding a bit of gain to them. The 50/50 captures are plenty hot tho.

Thinking maybe I should pop a preset using these sets of captures into the cloud to show how I’m using 'em. Everybody’s use case is so different! I’m a real guitar cab guy too, I’d be interested to see what presets or captures might be working for you if you’re up for sharing. Cheers!