Using a amp head as a power amp?

Could I use my Bias Mini 300W guitar head as my power amp live (to run the QC into a passive cabs) instead of using my Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200W?

Current setup:

  • QC out > Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200W > Cab 1 + Cab 2

Wondering if I could run this setup:

  • QC out > Positive Grid Bias Mini Head Input (300w) > Bias Mini output > Splitter > Cab 1 + Cab 2

Would be an extra 100W of headroom for me to play with :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I would try sending out of the QC into the FX return on the Bias amp though, so you are not affecting the sound with the preamp.

Only thing to note, would be to start with the volume on the QC right down and slowly turn it up. Some amps have the master volume before the FX loop, and some have it after, and I’m not sure which the Bias amp is.

Gotcha! So QC output > Bias amp FX return > Bias amp output > cabinet ?

Could I use a 1/4 jack splitter to run it into 2 cabinets?

Just be careful with cables from amp to cabinets:

  1. it needs to be an speaker cable / not instrument (if you’re taking about a traditional guitar speaker cabinet)
  2. I’ve always used just 1 cabinet but I believe you will need to pay attention to speaker impedance, series vs parallel connection, etc (guess you already knew that but just mentioning)

Thanks for getting back to me!

  1. For the speaker cable, would this be ok?

This is what I used when using my Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200W originally, I had no audibile issues.

The Powerstage has 2 outputs, which I sent to 1 cab each and all I really noticed was a slight DB drop, there’s no way to specify series or parallel connections with that.

Hi Jack, out of curiosity, why are you exploring other options outside of using the Seymore Duncan?
I ask, as my plan is to use a SD Powerstage at gigs (don’t really want to rely on going straight to house in small venue) and would appreciate your advice re; any downsides of using a SD.

I bought the QC as dont want to take an amp and a big pedalboard to gigs anymore and also got tired of taking a fee essential pedals to a gig and having to plug in to whichever amp was at the venue/other bands have (also wanted to minimise the tap dancing of switching on/off mutiple pedals:-)

My plan is to figure out an efficient way of splitting the signal to have one output with cab for FOH and one without for using a real cab on stage (i know a feature request is already out there to be able to disable cabs/IRs to one output etc- seems silly to have to duplicate all effecrs/amps per output.

Hi mate,

The only reason I am looking to use an amp head is mainly about transporting it to and from shows, and I thought I can either sell my Bias head for about £350 or sell my Seymour Duncan for about £400-£450 as it’s hardly been used.

You have the same reason as me for getting the QC, I was originally using the Bias Mini Head with the Line 6 Helix HX Effects (for FX + midi switching) but wasn’t super impressed with the sound out of the Bias head.

I want the sound of a cab behind me when I play, as it’s alien without - I was just looking for the best options for me moving foward, as the Bias head is slightly lighter, a similar shape to the QC, and 100W more I thought it might be worth a shot.

If you’re looking to get the Seymour Duncan Powerstage I wouldn’t stop, I would go ahead - from the 3 times I’ve used it it sounds killer and is really straight forward to use.

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Reg the cable - that looks good!

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Would I need to make sure all the amp simulation effects on the Bias Mini are turned off? I am assuming so but just wanting to check!

I tried this with a Positive Grid Bias Mini Amp Head. Came out of QC into the Bias effects return. I hear muddiness from the original programming on the Bias channel as well as programmed Positive Grid Reverb. How can I completely bypass the Bias preamp via the effects return…?? Signal IS going to the unit, signal IS going out of the speaker out…so I know the path does work. I tried turning the effects send all the way off, and also put a null cable into the send jack. Nothing works at this point.


You need to make sure that within the software for Bias head you have switched everything off; sounds to me like you have the cab simulator still on, or an amp or something.

I mean literally everything, so: amp profile, cab sim, EQ, power amp, noise gate, reverb and anything else.

Hope that helps

Thanks, I’ll give that a try…!!!

Let me know how you get on!

I’m sure they will eventually add an output block with bypasses cab blocks don’t worry!

My bias Mini head was smaller and lighter than my Seymour Duncan powerstage; however I sold my bias Mini head now.

I’ve been gigging for the last 6-8 months with the QC and powerstage and have had nothing but compliments on tone. Specially when the venue has two cabs I can run stereo through.

I have the powerstage 170, which is loads of headroom for spit and saw dust venues - shout if you have any other questions

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Just checking, you are running stero with the PS 170?; do you mean you are using one power stage per cab?

Sorry I mean running two cabs at the same time; don’t text whilst cooking a big dinner :rofl::sweat_smile:

Yeah thats what i mean; how are you running two cabs with the one powerstage? ; i was just looking up the PS 170 and it seems it only has one in put and one speaker out? (Apologoes for all the questions; a powerstage is the front runner for when I get gigging again)

Sorry I have the 200 not the 170, apologies I need more sleep

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Ah cool :slight_smile: i think ill hold out for a powerstage 200 in that case:-) With the qc id mess with having either a blend of two amps (1 per speaker cab) - would spund awseome :slight_smile:

I tried a bunch of different power amps, Fryette PS100 + various tube heads going into the effects return from the QC. I recorded them all through cabs in a studio and the clear winners were the Powerstage 200 and 700. You’ll love the Powerstage. The EQ on the power amp is very helpful also.

Even brought the powerstage to Europe and used it for a tour there. Was amazing to have my same amp setup instead of a rental.