Memory dump on time FX (reverb/delays)

Please add an option to empty the memory of a reverb or delay when switching it off (just like when you change scenes)

Example: You’re playing with a long delay or long reverb and you want to cut it short at the end of the refrain, then play something new with the same sound in the next part of the song. The way it works now is that unless you switch scenes the previous sound will chime on when you activate it. REALLY annoying!

Turn off “Trails” in the effect. This can be altered on a per-scene basis although I’m not really sure how that works when you move from one scene with it off to another scene with it on and vice versa.

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Sorry, but no, trails is not what this post is about. If you have trails set to off and turn off the delay effect, then turn it on again and the delay from before will still be running. That is the problem. If you switch the delay off with scenes it empties the delay memory, but that’s just very unpractical. And no, automating the feedback to zero when turning the effect off is not fast enough, and wont work with reverbs.

Ah, I see what’s happening. So just to be clear, what you’re seeing is the behavior of how real delay pedals tend to work, so it’s probably intended behavior.

If you have a long feedback and no trails, if you turn off the effect, and then turn it on before the feedback would have decayed, you get the sound of the delay continuing, as the feedback is still running, you’re just not hearing it when the effect is bypassed. I would personally not encounter this problem, as if I’m running feedback that long, I probably am not turning the effect on and off fast enough to continue to hear the feedback of the effect when I last bypassed it.

Again, this is probably how the models behave in the real world, so my guess it’s expected behavior. To be honest, I’m surprised that when you switch scenes this doesn’t also happen the same way.

Yes, thats the problem. Line6 echo park, for example, does not do this, but the Helix has the same issue. It’s an easy fix I would imagine. Just dump the memory, like it does when switching scenes.