Major concern with switching presets

Hi all,

First post and still looking over the forum so please don’t kill me if this has already been addressed. Please also don’t kill me for being a Kemper user - I’m looking forward to switching to the QC because of size, sound, ability to use multiple amps simultaneously, etc.

All that said, I put my order in for my QC with Sweetwater today (back ordered right now). But I have a MAJOR concern. The way I want to have my unit set up for live performances is pretty standard. I’d like to have each stomp in a bank (A-H), to be a completely different sound. Example, A would be a clean sound with maybe a Fender amp setup and effects, B would be a Marshall crunch and maybe a Friedman in stereo with effects, etc. I plan to use a stereo and dual amp setup in nearly every preset. But what I just read in the manual makes me think I’m going to be disappointed because it says that in Preset Mode, there WILL be a gap when switching presets.

IMO, this is a MAJOR oversight and flaw for anyone who wants to use this in a live situation in the manner I mentioned above (which is a VERY common layout for floor processors). Why on earth would anyone be okay with having an audible gap in sound when switching between presets in a live show?

Can anyone speak to this audio dropout and tell me how long (in seconds or ms) it is? Or, is there another way to achieve the layout above?

Also, if I’m in Preset Mode and I have delay tails and reverb on a preset, along with the audio dropout, am I correct that the tails of those effects are also going to cut off in Preset Mode? The Kemper allows you to carry the tails over while in Performance mode, and there is no noticeable audio dropout when switching in Performance mode (because it was made with live performances in mind).

I’m hoping I’m just misunderstanding the dropout because everything else I’ve read about this unit seems awesome.

I appreciate any insight you can provide!

This has been addressed and confirmed by Doug as being fixed. Ill try to find the links

Thank you. I just saw another thread addressing this and they reference a “discord” by Doug but I don’t know what it where that is. Still new to navigating the forum.

Really hoping the gap in switching is fixed (not just the pops) because I was stoked to buy this but having that kind of audio gap would make the unit absolutely useless for me in live situations. If it’s fixed, I’ll feel like a kid on Christmas again!

  1. There is no gap when switching scenes
  2. Use scenes.
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Hi Riko,

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something. But how would I achieve what I’m looking to do using scenes? Isn’t Scenes basically a way to load a preset/rig and then hit another stomp to instantly change multiple parameters of the amps/effects already in that sound? If that’s the case, that won’t solve the issue.

I want to have a completely different sound with different amps and parameters for each stomp/switch. So when I have Stomp A on, it’s a stereo rig with two different amps and effects, then when I hit Stomp B, it’s a completely different pair of amps and effects.

Will that work in Scenes? If so, awesome. I just didn’t get that impression after my first run-through of the manual.

You’re not limited to a single rig in a preset and there’s a ton of processing power available. The QC can easily handle multiple rigs which you can switch using scenes. Or can run multiple amps in parallel too.

So in Scenes mode, I can have one stomp be a sound that contains 2 different amps run simultaneously with some chorus and delay, and then a different stomp in that same scene be 2 totally different amps run simultaneously with different effects?

So is it safe to say Presets mode is like Browse mode on the Kemper, and Scenes mode is like Performance mode on the Kemper? If so, that makes sense and would solve the issue.

Sorry to compare the Kemper, it’s just what I’ve been used to thus far.

Yes. I think that’s probably the best way to think of it coming from the Kemper even if that’s a little over simplified.

In scenes mode, each stomp activates a different scene and each scene can have different blocks activated or bypassed as well as different parameters on individual blocks. So you can share effects, but also have them configured differently. As far as what you can do with a preset, you’re only limited by the total number of blocks and DSP, and 8 scenes with the onboard footswitches.

Awesome. Thank you so much!

No problem. I hope the QC ships soon!

You don’t need to switch presets within a song. That’s what you have the scenes for with gapless switching. Don’t say, that 8 scenes with up to 4 different rigs are not enough for one song. :wink:

Edit: Oh sorry, hadn’t seen this answered before.