Mackie thump go 8

Has Anybody tried tha Mackie thump go 8 with Quad Cortex?

not with the QC, but I had to use one as my floor monitor with my previous rig for an interstate outdoor gig that I did in October. It wasn’t the greatest, but wasn’t the worst either. From what I could tell - it was pretty coloured. Warm-ish tone, but not transparent. It is reminiscent of the Bose S1.

If you could live with the coloration, it’s not too bad. However, if you were using it as an FRFR rig, could live without the battery and wanted the purest possible - the Headrush is not a bad budget option. I had a Friedman ASC that I was using with my Kemper and Helix back in the day before going down the IEM route, and remember them pushing air like a traditional cabinet would. The Friedman was heavy as and quite loud though!

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