Looper X Drifting with respect to a 4 bar Midi Drum Loop from Reaper

I’m using Looper X with a 4 bar Midi Drum loop in Reaper. The QC loop drifts with respect to the looping drum part from Reaper. The QC loop starts out in sync but slowly gets earlier and earlier. It seems like the QC loop is slightly shorter that the looping drum part and the sync only happens when the QC loop is first started.

Any ideas how to solve this or is it a bug?


Quad Cortex:
-USB over MIDI is enabled
-Quantize - 4 Beats
-MIDI Clock start - ON

-Audio System - ASIO
-ASIO Drive - NeuralDSP USB Audio Device
-MIDI Device - Quad Cortex MIDI OUT, Mode - Enabled+Clock

Hi @GlenDSP and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about the issues with loop sync etc., I think it would be best to contact support@neuraldsp.com and they should be able to get you sorted quickly. I’ll also leave the post up in case someone has run into this issue as well.

Hi Customer Support,

Would you be able to help with this issue (See below)?


Hi @GlenDSP , did you send an email to support@neuraldsp.com and if so, what response did they give you?


I just sent the email today. I’ll forward their reply when it comes through.

Thanks for checking.

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