Looper question

Got my QC today and am having a blast.
Trying to figure out the looper.

It appears to me (I def could be doing something wrong) that you are confined to a particular scene.

I’m trying to play some clean chill chorus/delay tracks and overdub with a lead overdrive reverb delay. Every time I switch to a different scene, it changes the original loop effects/pedals to whatever I switched to.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this a limitation of the looper.

Pretty sure I am doing something wrong… but here is a vid that explains it way better

Switching scenes carries new pedals/scenes and changes the original loop.

Is there a way around this?

Thx in advance.

Yes. I believe this is probably due to where you have the looper positioned in your signal chain. My guess, although I can’t quite make it out in the video, is that you probably have the looper after the Input at the beginning of your signal chain. Instead, you could put the looper at the end of your signal chain. It should now retain the tone of your original loop when you switch scenes.

IMO, a better method, instead of dragging your looper around, is taking advantage of one of the looper’s unique parameters - ‘Routing Mode’. Using this feature, you can place your looper block anywhere on the grid. I usually park it off by itself on the fourth path. You are going to be selecting the loopers position on the grid from a parameter so its position on the grid won’t matter.

Touch the looper block, touch the ‘Params’ button. Tab over to page two of the params. Now change the ‘Routing Mode’ knob to whatever you have your output set to, for example “Out3”.

Btw, the ‘Routing Mode’ param is a great way to quickly experiment with looper placement without having to drag & drop. You can also use the looper this way to switch between and preview presets, as well as scenes. Just make sure the looper block’s ‘Routing Mode’ parameter is set to the same output in the other presets.


placing the looper on the input is fine if you want to use it to refine your tone…just record, playback and experiment applying different devices/parameters

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