Using an external looper

I’m trying to use my Boomerang Looper for solo gigs. (not totally comfortable with the Quad looper yet for the amount and type of live looping I do)
Has anyone had success using an external looper? The problem is no matter what way I try setting up the signal chain using the quad’s FX loop, when I change scenes to change my guitar tone, the loop also changes tone. I’m just running the Boomerang thru the send/return as you would any other external effects. Maybe the problem is I can’t use the “scenes” mode in the Quad and I need to just set up various preset modes—but it seems like there must be a way of doing this while staying in scene mode.

There’s a little bit left to unpack here. Where in the QC signal chain are you inserting the FX Block in order to use your external looper?

I tried moving it around—so at the very beginning of the chain before all the effects and amp and cab…tried splitting signal and put amp/cab/FX loop for boomerang all together: delays/reverbs after it.
So I’m able to loop a clean tone, but then when I switch scenes to play a lead tone the loop changes over to an overdriven tone as well. Hope that all makes sense

Generally you want the looper at the end of the signal chain if you’re blending different tones into the loop. Use the Looper at the start of the signal chain if you’re using it to build or compare tones. Use it in the middle, before reverbs and delays if you want all the loop parts to appear in the same space.


I use an Rc-600 Looper… its plugged into Fx Loop 1. I generally put it at the end of all the mono effects on my QC (Compression, etc.). This seems to have worked for me so far. I generally have about 3 loops in a song, and there haven’t been any problems :slight_smile:
I feel like the QC Looper still has a long way to go… it would be nice to have at least 1 or 2 more loops, like a Rc-500.

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Thanks–yeah totally agree on the looper upgrade…hopefully soon

Assuming you use the send/return on the Quad to connect to the Rc-600?

None of these options are working–the tone of the loop is still affected whenever I change scenes/tones on the quad.

Could you put it at the beginning of the signal chain?

Tried it—as in putting the FX loop option on the Quad first in the chain. I’ll double check tomorrow

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Did you check page 2 of the parameters of the loopers youre switching from and to?

If you want to retain the recorded/lopped sounds, then you need to put the looper LAST before sending to your power amp.

Thank you I’ll try that

Thanks all for your feedback—ended being a super simple solution–the Boomerang has the option to run stereo–so, I just split the signal and ran a separate line into the PA.

Absolutely best looper is Quantiloop Pro in iPad and midi floorboard for the controll - I have voodoolab ground contro. All connected via external USB hub.

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