Looper - Goes into Armed Mode Uncommanded

CorOS Version: 1.4.0

Describe your issue:
When I do I’m using the Looper, it will function normally for a while, then suddenly I find myself in Armed Mode. Button E no longer starts the recording, but instead, arms the recording and gives me a message stating, Waiting for Signal.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Go into Looper
  2. Step on E - Record
  3. Nothing happens - message comes up stating, Waiting for Signal.

I expected this to happen:
When I Step on E - Record, I expect it to start recording.

I have tried the following things:

  • Switching Presets
  • Rebooting
  • I have tried z

Hi @sonicfog and sorry to hear you are having issues with the looper. I can’t specifically recreate your issue so it would be best to email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get your sorted quickly.