Looper X not recording (solved)

I have a preset I put together that includes Looper X. When I arm Looper X it just sits there waiting for a signal even though it’s receiving one no matter how I set the threshold. I can delete Looper X and load a new instance and it works until I save the preset again. I remember seeing something about presets that were created prior to a recent update not saving new parameters and I’m wondering if this is related. I did a search and came up empty about this issue.

One thing I might check is the ‘Routing Mode’ setting on the second page of the Looper X parameters. This parameter determines where the Looper X is inserted in your signal path. Maybe the instance of Looper X that you have in the saved preset is sitting after a muted block or path. The Looper X block comes up with ‘Routing Mode’ = ‘Grid’ by default.

Maybe the preset is corrupt as you suspect. Might be worth recreating from scratch.

Thanks for the input. I’ll give that a look today.

That was it, that’s a great feature.Thank you!

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