Looking for speakers for Quad Cortex + pedalboard for home office levels

I’m looking for speakers for my Quad Cortex + Pedalboard that sound incredible at very low levels for my home office. I’m also an aesthetics guy and care just as much about how things look as how functional they are, so I’m trying to find something that works in my space.

I really like the look of these:


I could power them with a power amp? I am aware these are overkill for those levels, and overpriced for what I really need. But, would these sound great with a Quad Cortex and my pedalboard at very low levels in my home office? Or do I need something smaller, like maybe the Kemper Power Kabinet for that?

P.S. I used to have the Quad Cortex connected to my studio monitors at my desk, but I’m moving the setup away from my work desk to a different wall and hence finding a new solution. I’d prefer an amplifier look over speakers if possible.

I use a pair of genelec 8010 monitors and they are stellar and don’t take up much space.

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I use a pair of Headrush 102s or a 1x12 FRFR speaker cab with an ISP Stealth Ultra Lite power amp.