How to listen to the Quad Cortex in the room?

I got my QC a few weeks ago. I currently listen to it through my Focal studio monitors. It sounds great. I am looking for a solution to the following situation: How do I listen to the QC in the room? So, this would mean in other rooms in the house, unchained from my desk, and when I jam with my buddies at another location. I have tried the fx loop of my Fender GTX 100. It is less than satisfying. I bought a Mission Gemini 2 but returned it because it is monstrously large and heavy. I hear bad things about the Friedman wedge which is also pretty large and heavy. Apparently the Line6 PowerCab sounds muddy and not that great. So I am now considering the 1) the RCF NX10-SMA, it seems light and portable; 2) Another set of studio monitors or PA speakers, not very portable or practical for carting about, and the Henriksen Bud. I want stereo, by the way, so unless I get a twin speaker set-up like the Mission Gemini 2, I’ll likely need a couple of speakers or amps. So, something light and portable with great stereo sound. Am I asking too much? Anyone have experience with anything they like?

Based on your requirements, these might be some suitable options if available in your country:

I don’t have any experience with the products but there are some positive reviews online.

Thanks so much for your reply. I appreciate it. I just sent G66 an email to see if I can purchase these in the US. These are a couple of interesting looking options available in the US:

RCF NX10-SMA Active 10" 2-way Coaxial Powered Monitor
QSC K10.2 2000W 10 inch Powered Speaker

How do you use or listen to your QC?

Mostly via headphones or via Adam A5X monitors. The QC didn’t leave my desk so far.

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I use Red Sound Elis 8 (just one piece) and I am more then satisfied. I had 12" version before with my Fractal unit. Also perfect. So, recomendation from me.

Thanks for the feedback, Sine! I like this unit.

For the price, IMO you can’t beat the headrush FRFR speakers…

I use a pair of EV PXM-12MP Monitor wedges. They are a great option IMHO. I do like the RCF speakers though. The RCF NX10-SMA’s you referred to are excellent if you can afford them. Can’t do much better than that!

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It really depends on how you wanna use your QC to tell what kind of speakers are best for your situation.
How loud? Practice room level (with real drums) or room volume?
Just guitar or other instruments and/or backing tracks as well?
A specific sound (amp, cab) or as flexible as possible?

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I use a Line 6 Powercab 112 Plus at home and band rehearsal and it sounds great (not muddy at all).

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I just picked up a Bose S1 for jamming at home. For the price and size, it sounds amazing.

I had the Elis 8 but returned them because they emphasise some mids too much. They have an amazing push, good for some genres, but acoustic guitar, which I also need, did not sound that good to my ears. I compared them with a single active stereo speaker (Junior EX with custom added EQ) from a german company called Blueamps. Surely not a big stereo image from a single speaker but it does make quite a difference with delay and modulation). Blueamps have different speakers that are very well respected over here. I kept the Blueamps which sounds more neutral, has the looks of rather an an amp than a monitor box and is built to last. The builder is a guitarist, great customer service. My speaker was around 900 bucks, but worth every penny! Have no relation to Blueamps, I am just a very happy customer.

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I remember a reviewer referring to the mentioned push, resembling somewhat the push you get from conventional guitar speakers. In most cases it might be beneficial but you made an interesting point about acoustic. Definitely something to consider. I’m wondering if it’s somehow fixable by EQ.

I think it depends on where and how you play. So if you are just at home then really a good pair of studio monitors is all you really need. I personally use the Yamaha HS8s - they are mid grade but nice and flat and they are very loud if I need them to be. For home use the RCF’s might be overkill unless you really need or want loudness. The RS gear is top notch but different as well since they are kind of a blend between an FRFR and a cab.

The EV12PXMs are a good mid grade solution as well but also very loud for home use…again unless that is what you are going for. Adam AX7 are also great studio monitors - and many of the Fractal team actual use them for reference monitors. Lots of good choices.

If you play live as well as home then it is a good idea to have a live pair as well as a studio pair for reference. I never personally use more than one monitor live…although.

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Do you have a pair for stereo? Or just run in mono?


They make an Elis.8 which is smaller, but looks interesting. Thanks!

Under consideration. Thank you.

Maybe that reviewer was me ;-), but I heard about this several times. After I had Dynacord and Xitone monitors I, all of them in the more expensive top quality camp, I thought I could step it up even more. I tried a pair of the Elis 8 and the Blueamps Junior Ex side by side and had a hard time to decide at first: Elis 8 had that midrange push like a guitar amp, but you will get this from the Blueamps as well (order it with the extra EQ/preamp, costs a few bucks more). The blueamps has a way flatter EQ curve, no harshness, is whisperquiet, and is very portable with 13.5 kg. And you can choose from many materials to have it made to your taste. Mine looks like a posh tweed amp now. If you want to play your electric AND your acoustic guitar through this, I would an recommend the Blueamps over the Elis 8. With electric guitar alone it is a matter of taste and you cant go wrong with each. I would even prefer the Blueamps then, but someone who is into metal or alike should go with the Elis 8 I believe and enjoy their push. Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock, go with the Blueamps. They also have stereo monitors with way more power - they are completely different beasts, check out their website. The builder offers fantastic customer service except for one thing: You custom order these monitors, he will communicate closely with you. But then it is your monitor.

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Could you give your feedback on the stereo effect (stereo field?) of the Junior EX versus the Elis.8?

I wasn’t a big fan of the Xitone’s personally…