FRFR Cab that's as good at low volume as a Kemper Kabinet?

I’ve been using Kemper for awhile now (Stage and powered Kabinet), and I’m thinking about getting a Quad Cortex to try it out and compare.

One of the things I really like about using the Kabinet is that it sounds great at low volumes. People can be sleeping in my house, and I can play through something that sounds great to me and not bother anyone.

I’ve never had this good of an experience with a tube amp with an attenuater. With a tube amp, it just never sounds quite right to me at very low volumes, even using something like the Boss Tube Amp Expander, of Fryette power station. Great for lowering the volume some, or even a lot, but a “quiet” tube amp sounds to me like an empty shell of itself, and the quiet kemper+kabinet sounds awesome, just quieter.

Can someone recommend a FRFR cabinet that would sound great loud, but also at really low volumes as well? I’ve read several suggestions for FRFR speakers, but none that specifically mentions this.

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For me its the laney lfr 212, and on budget the harley benton lfr212a sound extreemly good for the price…(just a tad boxier sounding maybe,but with the tone controls you can compensate for that a bit)

Big advocate for the LFR212 from Laney. Great cab, lightweight and more than loud enough for a gig environment. Also the DI out on the back of the cab is pretty great for FOH too!

just use the kemper kab with you QC. thats what i use for home and its fine