Long hold footswitch to flipflop blocks

I always enjoy have 2 types of the same effect. A simple delay for solo and a big tape delay for ambient. I would love to just have one footswitch for my delay and long hold the button to switch between the two blocks. You could set this w OD, one mild and one cranked. Ideally any 2 blocks could be linked under a footswitch. My old AX8 did this and I loved it, doubled my footswitches. Havent even turned that thing on since I got my QC.:metal:

When exactly does the block change on the Ax8? After a certain time of pressing or when you release the footswitch?

Iā€™d settle for tying multiple blocks to a single stomp switch like on Helix and being able to toggle the FX state.


It was about a second and you would see the x/y light go on and switch. I had 2 versions of every effect. It doubled ny button use, but still felt like stomps amd not scenes ( which I prefer)

Hmm Iā€™m not sure how good that would work in a live setting to get the timing right. I agree with @alec.lee that assigning multiple blocks in stomp mode would be sufficient and probably more straight forward.

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I LOVED this feature on my AX8 - by far the thing I miss the most. If this was implemented in the cortex I would be thrilled!

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