Logic - Neural DSP Tim Henson doesn't load properly

In Logic X, the Plugin Manager says Neural DSP Tim Henson is successfully loaded, but when I click on Audio FX, there is no Plugin available. When I play, I can hear my guitar with the amazing Neural effects in the Audio Track in Logic, but when I listen back to the recording, there are no effects; it’s just a plain dry guitar sound, un-effected. How do I record in Logic the signal from Neural with all the effects? (Also downloaded the Nolly plug-in, but same issue - the standalone version works great, but it is not recognized as a plugin in Logic when you click Audio FX. I also manually deleted the plugin via here: AudioUnits: Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / Components /… and then reinstalled it from the Neural website, but same problem persists.) Thanks.

Hey @vancouvermatt. If you can see the plugin validated in the Plugin Manager but you cannot use it in audio sessions, please try the following:

1) Go to the User Library folder and delete these files:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/ com.apple.audio.AUHostingService.x86-64.plist
  • ~/Library/Preferences/ com.apple.audio.InfoHelper
  • ~/Library/Caches/ AudioUnitCache
  • ~/Library/Caches/ com.apple.audio.AUHostingService.x86-64
  • ~/Library/Caches/ com.apple.audio.InfoHelper

2) After that, restart Logic Pro X and wait for the global rescan.

3) Create an audio session, then check if the plugin is now available in the audio track’s FX slot.

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Awesome, thanks, that worked.

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