Clean output in Logic Pro


I am new to the Neural DSP plugin. I am using it with Logic Pro and a gen3 Scarlett 8i6. I can hear the processed sound fine in the standalone program. However, when I use Logic Pro I hear only a clean (DI) sound coming through my speakers. When I record and playback it is processed though. I’m thinking I just don’t have some box or setting checked. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Think u may be running the standalone? Open the neural dsp plugin in “audio fx” on the track your guitar is in inside logic and close the standalone.

When I close the standalone and try through Logic Pro only all I hear is a clean (DI) sound with no processing from Neural DSP even though I have the plugin within Logic open. However, when I record the processed sound is there in the recording. Its just not there during live monitoring if that makes sense.

It sounds like you are using direct monitoring on your audio interface, hearing only the dry guitar. Make sure you are not using direct monitoring, and have software monitoring turned on for the track containing the NDSP plugin.

To use software monitoring in Logic, goto Preferences > Audio… > General and select Software Monitoring. Then click on the I (Input Monitoring) button on the track.

Thank you very much!! That worked, I didn’t have Software Monitoring checked in Logic. Making this settings change in Logic allows me to hear the processed sound now.I also switched the input setting from “INST” to “Line” under input settings in Focusrite. That eliminated the DI sound (clean) sound which was still coming through and now mixed with the processed sound. Everything sounds great now! Thanks again for the help!