Neural DSP not showing up in LPX plug-in manager…

Hello all… I’m a digital noob and trying to test out a couple Neural DSP plugins (14 day trial)… or trying to… I’m able to run both standalone and they sound pretty great, but no matter what I try, I can’t get them to show up in LPX… and I don’t mean just in a specific audio track in the strip Fx section as an AU, but not in the Plug-in Manager either… here’s my checklist/history of high rpm cyclical actions:

  • yes, I have ILok & both trial licenses are showing up there and both run and sound great in standalone mode through my rig (below)
  • yes, both are in my library/plug-in/components as .components…
  • no, they aren’t showing up as options on the channel strip
  • no, they aren’t showing up in preferences-plugin manager under ‘manufacturer’ (but others I’ve loaded before are there and still work)
  • I went to delete the files that I’ve seen in other posts… blah blah…. none of those were there anyway.
  • yes, I have other 3rd pty plugins that work fine
  • Setup - I’m running from my guitar(s) through a couple dirt pedals to my new revv d-20 to a Scarlett to my Mac back out to a pair of Headrush FRFR’s
  • Please assume I’m an (technical) idiot… I won’t be offended, bc I am… I am absolutely in no way close to a LPX power user and even though I’ve had it for years and macs are still foreign to me in many ways bc I use it for 1 thing only… music.
  • The Mac - I’m on an ancient Mac Pro (the last year they were Modular) but it’s not stock… I had a (nerd) buddy soup it up - 12 cores, 128gb ram, upgraded graphics card and a bunch of other shit I also have no idea what they mean…. I’m still on Mojave as I haven’t seen the need to make the jump… yet… and also bc I assume it will break everything, causing days of excruciating and humiliating posts, pushing me one step closer to burning it all down…

After pretty much every one of the above ‘attempts’ I have quit and restarted logic and restarted my whole Mac. Nada. No dice.

Help!!! Please!!! Thanks to Neural DSP, I’m almost 50 years old and I sound exactly like Tim Henson… but I can’t record it!!! Its like the 8th circle of hell.

I would contact support directly and send them this list of what you’ve tried so far. It sounds like you’ve gone through numerous rounds of troubleshooting and have a semi-custom Mac setup so I doubt any of us would be of any use here.
Please contact support directly by visiting