QC community Projects

Hi everyone

See so much enthusiasm, knowledge, competence and potential in here. QC technically, skill and experience wise, in so many ways way WAY smarter people than I. It inspires. YOU inspire. :grinning:

Have this idea: Community projects. As a community to start collaborating on creating our own presets, scenes, plugins etc. Whatever we can squeeze out of this amazing thing, with the tools and talents we got at hand and/or can create ourselves within the QC. Maker, DIY, upcicle and so forth.

Miss that Gojira, Wong, Tone King or Slayer goes Afro-Jpop plugin?; you help make maybe an even better one. Conflicting emotional ambivalence?; you take, transform and give that power back by helping out mother NDSP and your fellows in here to rise above this by creating your own. Transform, transmute, transmogrify, evolve.

We could start individual projects that we all can volunteer for. Fx get inspired to start a community project thread like the Devin Townsend Mooer “Ocean Machine” from inner-outer space; clone the meris “H3dra from ,773H,”; transmogrify your old love Ibanez Soundtank “Modernfusion MF5”; or mod/replicate/QC recreate Ryan at Plaque Scythe Studios’ Animals As Leaders AX8 patch?

Anybody interested? It’s totally cool though to respond “Thanx, but no thanx, I wanna nerdle with this on my own” or the mind going “Good luck trying that − fool”. In case you are interested I already have a simple “beginner”/test project I can put in motion for a start. Please let us know.



Hi Squad Cortex

So, will wrap this one up for closure.

As this :arrow_up:teaser didn’t exactly get the attention and created the energy and vision it was supposed to (which is crucial for a continuous flow and drive of such ideas) it’s a goner. This is clear to me not the space for such. Maybe in another now? :wink:

No harm done :grin:, it’s a wonderful day, just wish you had as much fun as I had sharing the idea and writing it.

… And thanx for all the likes − you rule guys. :hugs:



I thought it was a cool idea and I like the energy and motivation, we definitely need that around here! I just knew I couldn’t commit myself to any more specific projects right now, time-wise. I’m definitely on the same page as you, it’s a good concept. Sorry it didn’t get more juice.


Like wise @xush you’re a real asset in here and elsewhere.
Thanx again, totally cool, no worries mate. Nothing to be sorry about, more energy to something else, whatever that may be :grinning: