Limit to number of capture blocks in a split?

It’s not letting me add more than 4 captures to a splitter. When I try to add the fifth, “my captures” are greyed out as in the photo. In fact, if I go through the other devices like the ODs, delays, modulators, half of them are unavailable.

Am I trying to add too much stuff?

…that’s the newly released Amalgam Audio JT50 capture pack I have on there, btw. It’s freaking amazing.

DSP is split 50% for 1/2 and 50% for 3/4, so it’s not the splitter that’s doing it - but rather everything shown. If you use the end bock to loop it down to row 3 and move some blocks around you’ll be able to do it

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Like @danimaetrix said, you need to move some blocks to row 3 or 4 to split the load between the CPU cores.

And good to know that the Amalgam captures of the 1967 JTM50 are available, will get them for sure!

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This thing just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for the help!