Adding capture folders like you can with setlists

In the Quad cortex main menu, Its right now not possible to add more folder captures like you can with setlist., there are only one and Its called “my captures” with 32 blocks with 8 captures in each block

Which gives the limit of 256 captures, and thats very limited considering some neural amps captures 65-100
and with setlist Its possible to add 10 setlists. With room for 256 presets in each.

Please add this feature and option to custom made own Capture folders, where you can move the captures too my my captures and all 32 block are filled.
Like fx
Low channel Amp Captures
Mid channel Amp Captures
Higain channel amp captures
Pedal effects Captures

IR folders too please! 256 total is not enough… a single speaker pack will take up at least 20-40 slots!