CPU Overload when adding a splitter but CPU load is only 24%

Sorry if this is obvious to some.
With all my effects on the top line, I get 25% CPU load and my global eq is OK

If I drop a few effects down to row 2 using a splitter, I get 24% CPU load, but it shows as overloaded and by global eq is inhibited.

Am I doing something wrong or have I misunderstood about splitting CPU load between the four rows?

Again, apologies if this is obvious to some.

I tried changing to out block on row 3 to not in use, and nothing has changed.

The DSP usage can be deceiving as it represents total usage of all four cores. Try distributing the DSP load across both cores.

This is where I’m getting confused. The processor could cope fine when all 7 effect blocks where on the top row. The CPU showed as overloaded when I dropped 2 onto the second row. I thought that would have eased the demand on the processor that runs the top line by giving the processor that runs the second line some of the blocks. Is it not one processor per line?

No, rows 1 & 2 share two DSP cores while rows 3 & 4 share the the other two DSP cores.

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Thank you, that makes sense now.

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Cool! I’ll close this but if you want me to reopen, just shoot me a PM!